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The Origin of Happy Trunks

by Austin McIntosh on Oct 11, 2017

The elephant is one of the most beautiful and majestic creatures on Earth. Unfortunately, due to the value of their ivory tusks, every day elephants are still being hunted and killed. Their natural habitats are still being threatened by development and environmental destruction. It was from this serious endangerment that the idea for Happy Trunks was born. Happy Trunks partners with major organisations, ambassadorships, everyday fashionistas, elephant-lovers, bloggers, influencers and retailers on social media to spread the word with the sole aim of saving these gentle giants from being poached to extinction while bringing beautiful, comfortable pants to the world.

During a trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand in September of 2013, Austin, one of the founders of Happy Trunks, bought a few pairs of lightweight, comfortable pants home as souvenirs for himself and his friends. Due to their designs featuring elephants, the pants became known as elephant pants or Thai pants and received such rave reviews from everyone that he and his friend Nathan decided to form a business retailing the pants online. While in Thailand, Austin was also touched by the plight of the elephants there. Elephants have a particularly long gestation period, 22 months. An estimated 100,000 elephants were poached for their precious ivory between 2010 and 2012 alone. This means that one elephant is killed every 15 minutes leading to a 50% decline in their population in the past 35 years. If nothing is done to create a sustainable future for the world’s elephants, we could be facing a future without wild elephants by as early as 2050.

Austin wanted to do something about this, and so he and Nathan created a multifaceted business combining fashion with raising awareness about the exploitation of elephants around the world. With every purchase, a percentage of proceeds go to organisations dedicated to saving elephants from cruelty. 

Along with raising awareness about the plight of elephants, Happy Trunks have helped to introduce many people to the comfortable, fashionable pants which started it all. Known as Thai pants, bohemian pants or harem pants, these loose-fitting, breathable pants are a true wardrobe revolution. They suit every body shape and are versatile enough to be worn to almost any occasion. From work to the beach to the gym or just at home, these pants are bound to be so popular that they are the perfect vehicle for spreading the positive message of conservation Happy Trunks embodies.

More than pants, Happy Trunks boasts a vast collection of shorts, rompers, bags, tapestries, kimonos, crop tops, yoga tops, tee shirts and assorted jewellery. There are harem pants, loungers, yoga pants, leggings, dresses, boho pants, pleated pants, Halloween costumes… Whatever your style, there’s  something for you! Along with the original, best-selling lightweight, comfortable Thai pants in a range of bright and beautiful designs.

If you’re an animal lover yourself and want to make a difference, get inspired today and join the movement spreading comfort and happiness while helping to save these majestic creatures from extinction.

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