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The True Beauty Behind Harem Pants

by Austin McIntosh on Nov 09, 2017

There are certainly many things that make us smile. From funny animal videos to party blunders, reunions with long-lost friends or quietly settling in to read a good book, winning the lotto to going on a long awaited holiday. But how about the idea of becoming a strong steward of conservation simply by wearing a pair of snazzy-looking pants? You can look great and at the same time know that you are helping protect an endangered species. Wouldn’t that bring a smile to your face and put an extra spring in your step? This is one of the many things we love about Happy Trunks harem pants. Sometimes known as Thai pants or boho pants, they are not only incredibly comfortable, but they also brighten up your day with their positive contribution to the world. They look great and they make you feel great too!

If you are new to Happy Trunks harem pants, they are the pants that are literally protecting elephants. How? For starters, the eclectic prints are all about elephants. From the moment you put them on, you are raising awareness of the plight that the world's elephants still face daily. They also come in a wide range of colours and patterns that will have you grabbing more than one pair for yourself, your friends and family. This kind of positive message and action should be shared, so spread the love and encourage everyone to jump on the Happy Trunks harem pants trend!

The idea behind the philanthropic Happy Trunks, is to combine fashion with protecting wild African and Asian elephants from poaching and extinction. We partner with various organisations to provide training for anti-poaching units and prevent conflicts between people and wildlife while supporting creative solutions which allow communities and wildlife to coexist. All this while selling pants! We don't limit ourselves to just pants though, we also sell trendy tops, bags and other accessories! With Happy Trunks you can get yourself an entire new outfit which looks amazing and helps elephants in need.

Our harem pants are fittingly made in a factory in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is where the story began after our founders discovered the cruelty that most elephants still face daily. The beauty behind this story is that, while the bohemian style pants are probably the most comfortable pants that you can ever own, they are now being used worldwide as a perfect vehicle to help foster action as well as raise awareness of how these extremely intelligent and emotional animals are being killed for their precious ivory in order to make collectibles and medicines. To top it all off, a portion of every sale is donated toward helping to create a sustainable future and habitat where elephants can thrive. No one wants to see these beautiful creatures vanish from our earth, so partnering with Happy Trunks gives you the opportunity to do something about it.

Our harem pants are made from a soft and breathable material called rayon, which is basically a redeveloped bran fiber made from wood pulp. The texture is much more like a natural fiber even though it is synthetic, which adds to its fantastic drape. This is part of why our harem pants look so great on every body shape! The lightweight material is great for warm weather and laundering is a breeze because you can either machine wash in cold water or hand wash in cold or lukewarm water, then lay flat to air-dry This is recommended in order to extend the life of the fabric. The lightweight fabric dries super fast too, so you won't be waiting long before you can get these babies back on your legs where they belong!

While harem pants are designed with a one-size-fits-all in mind, there are sizes that can accommodate anyone with a small stature (especially when buying for kids) all the way to extra-large. Whether you're short or tall, slim or curvy, young or old, there's a pair of harem pants out there for you!

So what’s not to love about Happy Trunks harem pants, right? Check out our range today and join the movement helping protect elephants worldwide - and looking great while doing it!

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