Why Harem Pants Are Taking Over The World - And Rightfully So!

October 24, 2017

Have you noticed lately that suddenly everyone is talking about harem pants?They're everywhere you look! When you're down at the beach, out shopping, at your favourite yoga class, even out to dinner at a trendy restaurant! Why is everyone suddenly wearing harem pants?? Simple, they’re flattering to most body shapes and create a casual effortless style. Their loose-fitting design with an elasticised waist or a draw cord, make harem pants a practical and comfortable everyday garment which can be worn by men and women. So should you get a pair? Absolutely! You'll never look back.

Of course, not everyone loves harem pants. Some people think they’re outdated or unflattering. Ignore those disapproving looks or comments you may get from onlookers or your best friend. One cardinal rule to fashion? Don’t pay attention to what other people think! Who says you can't be comfortable and fashionable at the same time? When worn and accessorised the right way, harem pants are not only amazingly comfortable but look sophisticated and chic. Furthermore, your lower extremities will thank you for freeing them from the clutches of those super-tight skinny jeans. (And honestly, wouldn't we all like a break from squeezing ourselves into those every once in a awhile?)

These stylish pants date back centuries and their unique fabrics, colourful prints, intricate patterns, and undeniable comfort can today be seen anywhere, including the workplace! You may be used to the more traditional style of harem pants, baggy, long and caught in at the ankle, (think the clothes in Aladdin if you need reminding!) but there is a wide range of contemporary styles of this versatile and unique garment to choose from. Some that are designed to be business-like, chic, and formal. They come in dark, neutral colours and wouldn't look out of place in any board room. Others with asymmetrical cuts and various sophisticated prints that do wonders to your overall look especially when paired with high heels and jewellery for the ladies and a short double-breasted coat, scarf, or a hat for men.

One misconception about harem pants is that you have to be a fashion risk taker to wear them in public. Or that they're difficult to accessorise. On the contrary, you just need to be fashion forward enough to know that depending on the kind of look your day commands, the right pair of these pants will look just as sophisticated as a sleek pair of trousers to be worn at the office or to an official business function. Your harem pants can effortlessly carry you from the work week to the weekend, they're fun and comfy and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

In addition to being trendy and relaxed, you can say goodbye to fetching the newspaper in the morning in your old pajamas because your harem pants can also double up as cozy pj’s! Roll out of bed and get on with your day without worrying that someone will walk in on you and find you looking all disheveled! Wear them lounging around the house, wear them down the road when you're buying milk, wear them out to lunch with friends, wear them anywhere! I guarantee, these pants will change your wardrobe and your life.

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